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Kevin Parkin
200 n blackhorse pike
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    About U.S. Security

    Serving the Philadelphia Metro area including most counties in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Delaware. Security is the true hallmark of our business conduct. Through our commitment to excellence and client satisfaction, we are able to provide our services in a manner in which our policies and philosophies are implemented in the best interests of those we serve.



    Whether our client is concerned about personal, residential or professional situations, we will make expert and professional recommendations on counteracting the condition and provide the services needed to implement those options.


    All we ask you to do is take care of a small yet vital monitoring fee of around ONE DOLLAR A DAY and a discounted installation fee.

    If someone cuts your phone line it sets your alarm off!

    We have the exclusive coverage that if you were to have a loss and you make a claim to your homeowners insurance we will pay up to $500 towards any deductible you have. No One Else Has That!

    Did you know that your insurance company is overcharging you? Everyone else that has a security system is paying between 10 and as much as 20% less for their premiums than you are! Now why do you think your insurance company is willing to pay you for putting a security system in your home? It's because they know your 98% less likely to ever be broken into or have a loss. They also know if you did, your claim will be smaller in comparison to everyone else. It just makes sense, doesn't it?

    (Residential Only)

    This is included in the $32.99 monthly fee. What this means is you'll never have to worry about paying for a piece of equipment to be replaced. There is no charge for service within the first 90 days of installation no matter how many trips we have to make. After 90 days, the most you will ever pay is a $25.00 trip fee whether we stay 5 minutes, 5 hours and even if we have to replace the entire system.

    We can program your system to automatically call your pager with a special number every time your alarm goes off and it will even give you the "zone" number which tells you what area that someone has come through. Includes paging for equipment failure. A special number can set-up to let you know that there is a problem and you should come to check it out. It also notifies the monitoring station as well as anyone on your list of emergency contacts.

    For equipment failure a simple phone call to us and service is on the way! This feature can also be programmed to notify you every time the the system is armed or disarmed. This is great if you have kids that come home from school while your at work. Now you don't have to depend on them to call you and let you know when they get home.

    These are just some of the features of our Special Promotion, Discounted installation, Free Activation and Lifetime Warranty. When you calculate your insurance discount, it can be less than 75¢ a day! You pay more for a cup of coffee or a soft drink at the local gas station.

    About U.S. Security

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