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Secure your Dream Home from Fire

Home is the peace fullest place to live in. So you love your home. But, if this peace is disturbed by a smallest reason i.e. fire, your life gets disturbed too. Always be prepared to face any situation. Be ready for such circumstances. Fire at house is life consuming; so you must always be in preparation that such accidents may not occur. Follow some underlying tips and ideas to have a fire free home.

- Always ensure that no live hanging wires remain to be rectified. It will help in preventing shot circuits. Always replace any damaged or open wire to prevent from fire.

-  Keep your gas stove off while you are not cooking. If you left such by mistake, do not put on any electrical equipment in your house, as it may catch fire.

-  Keep your heater away from curtains, bed sheets or from any cloth material that may catch fire easily.

-  Do not light and throw match sticks in your home on floor. Do put them in dustbins after they are lit off.

-  Avoid bad habit of cigarettes in home. If you prefer such, it is always advisable to throw them at a safe place after they are lit off.

- Candles lit up should always be kept in safe place especially during parties to be safe from fire. Blow up candles when not in use. Be cautious when you are going away from room to blow up candles because, fire can spread easily from candles.

-  Unplug all electrical items when you are away from home; just to be on safe side.

- Never run electrical cables under carpets.

-  Do remember to keep a fire extinguisher at your home.

-  Keep fire detectors and alarm systems to warn you if some place in your house catches fire. Immediately call fire ambulance when you feel so. Fit smoke alarms and make sure they have a BS kite mark. Test monthly and change batteries annually.

-  Always keep in your mind the fire escape plan ready. Because when fire takes place, you are not in a position to think anything.

-  Always keep emergency exit doors or windows in a critical situation.

Precaution is the best safety advice to keep your house fire free. The most important fact is how serious you are regarding your belongings and about their safety.

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