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Steps and Tips to Secure your Home

You think your home is safe; but sometimes the situation may not be the one you think for. Burglars and robbers may break your security systems easily and enter your home. They do their job. But, if you follow good tips and tricks to keep your home safe, the strength of burglar thieves off. Just imagine, even a best burglar will be unable to enter your home and your home will be safe from all these type of contingent risks. But how is it possible? If this question lifts up your eyebrow, the answer is here:

* Never let a burglar know that your home is vacant. It means, your home must look like it is occupied, all the time. Make use of automatic light on or off systems. There systems are available in market that turns on your TV, radio and music systems automatically and off them from time to time. Do play your units with these systems always in a loud voice. This will comprehend that someone is home. Always keep your telephone calls forwarded when you are far away from home. When you attend your telephone call at forwarded number, this shows, someone is already home and its not the right time for a break in.

* Keep your door and windows locked. Make sure your locks are of good quality. Because, even if a burglar bypasses any type of security, locks are only one those save your belongings. Immediately replace your locks if you find your duplicate key missing.

* Its always good to have alarm security systems in your house. Tie the switch of alarm with the lock of your window or door in such a way that when the thread of alarm system tied to door or window is stretched, it sounds an alarm with loud sound.  This will attract the attention of neighbors and by passers that something is going wrong. They can immediately call police.

* Be good neighbor. Neighbors will be the only one who will help your house to be safe when you are away from it. Maintain good relations and understandings with your neighbors. When you are away from home for some days, always ask your trusted neighbors to have a look at house from outside whether every thing looks cool. Do request them to call you if they find anything negative in your house.

* When it’s your plan for a family holiday or some day business tour, in any situation, ask your city police to make a visit at your home regularly.

* Burglars are always afraid of being caught off. Install motion detector lights at least 8 to 10 feet above the ground so that they are hard to disable. Install these lights in such a way that each and every corner of your house is covered; especially your door and windows. When a burglar steps in these motion detector light range, it sounds a loud alarm and you or neighbor can know what the problem is.

* Install CCTV security systems and let a person monitor your house (all the time when you are away from home). If the monitoring operator finds any discrepancies, he will immediately call the police. Also there will be video recorded evidence as a proof.

* Do not let any shrubs or grass to grow in the yard of your house. If it does, let these plants possess thorns in them. Also, carefully see whether the branch of a tree near your house doesn’t reach your window. If it does so, immediately prune it off.

* Do not allow strangers to enter your home. If a situation arises so, you must always check his ID Card. Never allow any salesman or any anonymous person to enter your home.  Always be careful to check ID Cards of electricians, plumbers or any servicemen because, they can make an imprint of your home map and plan a break in easily.

* Always keep your costly items such as jewelry and diamond, gems in safe locker at bank. This eases your breath regarding break in. Never keep too much cash at your home. Burglars are always in need of it. So keep your safety to the highest.

* Always keep an alarm system for your garage. This will save your car from gifting it to burglar.

* It is always preferable to keep a dog at your home so that he may protect your house day and night.

* Always keep your house lock keys in your custody. This will prevent the plan of duplication of your keys and your house will be safe to a good percentage.

Trying these tips will save your house from every contingent risks. You will sigh a deep breathe when you have all these security tips involved in your house, even when you are away from it. For some more tips and advice refer this link.


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